Mindfulness for Longevity - Inhabit Hotel in Paddington

Mindfulness for Longevity

Stay younger for longer, joyfully

11.00 – 13.30, Saturday 28th March

Join Ayse Kocak from Paar & Inhabit’s Veronika Pongracz to find out what you can do to achieve your personal best. This workshop is perfect for those who are eager to learn about the latest developments in longevity and the role that mindfulness and meditation can play in overall wellbeing and healthspan.

In this session you will learn to…

identify and develop healthier behaviours and routines
plan for future wellbeing and longevity
support healthy change
key skills to help achieve your personal best
practice meditation techniques to extend your longevity

Following the workshop you will have the opportunity to get your own Personal Longevity Assessment.

Ticket: £10 for hotel guests / £15 for non-residents