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Wednesday 7th February 2024, 6.45pm

Love in Progress: In Conversation with Jodie Cariss & Ryan Campinho Valadas

Join Self Space Founder, Jodie Cariss, “In Conversation With” Integrative Psychosexual Therapist, Ryan Campinho Valadas, to explore what it really means to love oneself, flaws and all. Guests can expect an honest, lively, and nourishing discussion and an opportunity to put their most burning questions to the pros.

Ryan will then guide a hands-on workshop, designed to arm attendees with tools and strategies to celebrate self-love just that little bit more. Open to couples and individuals.


Thursday 15th of February 2024, 6pm

Love in Progress: What Are We Really Talking About? – Couples Workshop

Being in a relationship is being in a continuous conversation. Some of the time it’s about ‘who’s doing the dishes?’ and “what shall we cook for dinner?”, but the rest of the time is about the unsaid, the unheard and the miscommunicated.

In this intimate 90-minute workshop, Self Space will facilitate space as a small group to investigate what gets in the way of clear communication, delve into how individuals can feel more heard, and discuss how to connect with each other more vulnerably.


Friday 16th February 2024, 6pm

Love in Progress: Self Reflections – Singles Workshop

More often than not, we’re taught to look at other people to make us happy. This means that we tend to look at other people’s qualities and flaws with a hyper-focused lens. But do we pay the same attention to ourselves and what we bring to relationships? What and how much do we contribute to the emotional connections in our lives? What gets in the way of meaningful bonding, reflection, and personal change?

This 90-minute workshop aims, within a small group setting, to reflect on emotional availability, red flags, and repetitive patterns, designed to improve the relationship with the self, as well as with others.

A series of events in partnership with Self Space exploring the messy realities of love, and how to keep doing the work — for ourselves and others. February 2024.