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Inhabit Hotels London is committed to focus on green initiatives and green policies by monitoring and reducing consumption levels, converting environmental efforts into cost-reduction and revenue generating opportunities whilst promoting the corporate and social responsibilities mandate contained below. Our CSR policy is supported by all employees who will assist in identifying and implementing eco-friendly policies.

Inhabit Hotels London corporate responsibility policy sets out the principle and standards for the company. All staff at each of our hotels is required to comply with the policy.


Inhabit Hotels London understands that every guest has different needs and we aim to make our hotel facilities available and accessible to all of our guests equally. In rare instances where this is not possible we will endeavour to offer a range of facilities for guests with a perspective on disability including:


Inhabit Hotels London is supportive of local community projects and assistance to local charities. Each request is given due consideration. We also operate environmental impact programmes for each hotel.

All activities, donations and sponsorships raised by guests, suppliers and staff will contribute to the Company’s objective of supporting local charities.


Policy Statement

Inhabit Hotels London acknowledges that the environment can potentially be impacted by any of its activities, products and services. This policy sets out how the organization will manage, monitor, measure and otherwise be accountable for its ongoing environmental performance.

In the implementation of this policy, Inhabit Hotels will adhere to the requirements of relevant local, national and international law pertaining to the environmental aspects and impacts of the organization and ensure that this policy kept up to date in line with those requirements.

Inhabit Hotels is committed to prevent pollution wherever possible and will ensure that as well as optimising new products, services and processes to facilitate this prevention, existing systems and processes are reviewed in order to identify areas for pollution prevention. For each product, service, system or process, this will be achieved by:

– eliminating the use of polluting materials or technologies;
– reducing the use of polluting materials or technologies;
– recycling or reusing materials within Inhabit Hotels ;
– transferring materials or waste outside of Inhabit Hotels for recycling or reuse; and,
– Where no other option is available, controlled disposal or incineration.

Inhabit Hotels London will integrate environmental management procedures, processes and planning with the general operations of the organization to maximise the potential reduction of the organizations environmental impacts.

Through the use of environmental performance evaluation procedures and key performance indicators, Inhabit Hotels London will seek continual improvement in its environmental performance. This will be achieved through the proper implementation of its environmental management system. The design, development and management of the environmental management system, related procedures and indicators is the responsibility of senior management.

Through the implementation of this policy, Inhabit Hotels will set a leading example of good environmental management for its industry.


The Environment Policy is everyone’s responsibility from kitchen porter to Executive team, and sets out the responsibility for environmental performance and develops and maintains an adequate system of management, measurement and improvements.


Develop and thereafter maintain an adequately documented environmental recording and reporting system.

Ensure that the implications for the environment are taken into consideration in all major business decisions.

When tendering for new suppliers, their green and CSR credentials will be assessed before awarding business.

Develop and thereafter maintain a record of formal written comments concerning environmental performance and set targets for their reduction.

Assess the business regularly for compliance with this policy.


Reduce the use of energy through awareness programmes and through designing efficiency into new buildings, equipment, travel and transport and other working practices.

Review targets for the reduction of energy consumption. Monitor report and update.


Reduce the use of water and materials through awareness programmes and through designing efficiency into new buildings, equipment and working practices.

Set and meet targets for the reduction of utility consumption. Monitor report and update this annually.

Reduce, reuse or recycle solid waste where economically and environmentally sensible. When these options are not available, dispose of solid waste in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Set targets for the reduction of waste produced. Monitor, report and update these annually.

The following is a selection of initiatives that the hotels adopt to help reduce, re-use and recycle:


On a day to day basis the teams in all Hotels take the following actions in their contribution to helping the environment


Reduce the use of hazardous or non-degradable chemicals. We will work with our supplier partners to encourage use of environmentally friendly soaps and detergents for laundering bed linen and towels. Where the use of such substances is unavoidable, train staff in their handling and disposal and take precautions to minimise the impact of spillage

Reduce the use of ozone depleting substances in supplied packaging materials, refrigerants and fire suppression systems by specifying new equipment that is free of such materials and replacing existing systems as directed by legislation. Staff are COSHH trained.


Reduce as far as commercially practicable the level of harmful or nuisance emissions.

Collect used cooking oil and recycle it through a licensed contractor.

Carry on business in a responsible manner with due regard to the hotels’ immediate environment, particularly at unsociable hours and in relation to noise, odour, lighting, litter, uncollected waste or deliveries and collections.

Maintain building exteriors, outdoor equipment and grounds to create a positive visual impact within the hotels’ community.

Introduce contingency plans for major incidents to reduce their environmental impact.


A selection of actions of ways in which we support our local environment, services and suppliers: